primary authors: Sody Lay, Visna Sann, Vathany Say
  others contributors: Bunreth Hor, Soneath Hor, Sinuon Mey, Navy Phim 

  Overcome the angry by not responding in anger; overcome the malevolent with benevolence; overcome the miserly with generosity; overcome the frivolous man with frankness.

  Whatever your name may be, work hard to live up to your name.

  A good name is scarce in the world; prosperity seeks those with with reputable names.
  Conflict with women will destroy you; litigation against a Chinese will cheapen you.

  Conflict within the family is like exposing your body to kin; conflict within the community is like exposing buried treasure to thieves.

  In conflicts with foreigners, do not be absentminded.

  Deficient smile, deficient laughter, melodic voice  - in all these situations, be cautious.
Interpretation: Be cautious with a person who displays these characteristics as their smile, laughter and melodic voice may be insincere.

  A hammer is usable because it has a handle; a person gets a promotion because of those in authority; just as a diamond encased in gold and silver is only then at its most brilliant and identifiable as a diamond.

  Shaking like a water buffalo will cause you to lose your reputation of being dependable.
reference to cowardice or indecisiveness

  Though close family, if unfamiliar, they are strangers.
Interpretation: Relatives with whom you are not intimate may as well be considered strangers regardless of how close they are along the family line.

  Between family and friends, if family ignores you, friends are preferable.

  Being rapid only in words, the hips die out.
reference to someone who is "all talk and no action"

  Quick like a dog scratching.

  Eating like a crab eating dirt.
  So tight that an elephant may escape from it; a simple woven basket does not leak water.
Interpretation: The first part alludes to individuals who boast about their talents but in reality do poor work. The simple woven basket is a metaphor for the opposite: an ordinary person who is highly skilled.

  Addiction to gambling will lead to ruin and misery.

  Addiction to gambling will lead to loss of prosperity.

  Addiction to women is food for suffering.

  Addicted to beer, you will lose your pants and shirt.

  Addicted to alcohol, you will sleep in the street.

  Dependence on luck makes you lowly like an animal.
  Worms arise from meat; rust arise from metal.
reference to
  With ten people, the food is likely to get burnt; with many people like ants, the food is likely to remain raw.  or (With many people, the food is likely to get burnt.)
reference to too many chefs in the kitchen.

  Upon reaching the dock, the boat sinks.
reference to misfortune at the last possible instance
  Only when the water buffalo is lost, do you build a fence; only when it is examination time, do you study; only when you are about to leave, do you pack your bags - these three things are dangerous, destructive, and wasteful.

  Upon reaching the shore, you flash your butt [at the oarsman].
reference to a person who is ungrateful

  When arranging marriage for your children, look at the candidate’s family history.

  Build a barricade of bamboo spikes, butcher meat as offering for the tiger, only then can you live in a region.  or (To live in a region, set up a barricade of spikes, butcher meat as offering for the tiger, then you can live in that region.)

  A sharp sword that stays in its sheath; great knowledge that is not used; a woman without a husband to care for her; a full-grown elephant without a keeper to train it.
items that cannot reach their full potential
  Like a sharp sword that stays in its sheath; like knowledge in theory alone; like a beloved wife who is far away; it is easier to offer assistance than to ask for it. 
  Leading the cow, walking the bull.
reference to a matchmaker

  Know how to receive, know how to give; know what is lost, know what is still there; know what to do, know what not to do; know high, know low.
The final phrase "know high, know low" refers to rank and status.

  Knowing ten things can only cover one tree.
Interpretation: Knowing ten things is not very much as it can only cover one tree (as opposed to an entire forest).

  Knowing you have a large metal knife, keep it in a way that it will not be lost.
Interpretation: Know the tools of your trade and keep them safe

  Devise a defense based on the accusation; laws are executed based on their letter.
  Familiarity with haap, familiarity with dol, you will be able to estimate by sight the exact amount and measure. 
haap = unit of
weight measuring roughly 60kg; dul = numeric quantity
  Helping others who are in need will bring good fortune.
  The blade of the hoe ricochets because its handle is loose; a child misbehaves because of the parents.

  The blade of the hoe ricochets because of the handle; a child misbehaves due to the father; valuables are well kept when the woman knows how to store them safely; one may fall asleep quickly when one does not think too much.

  If the fence post is loose, release it.
Interpretation: Cut your losses

  Knowing yourself to be ignorant, you will eventually become wise.

  Burn it to a crisp or leave it raw.
Interpretation: If do something, do it well or not at all.
  From a cluster of coconuts you will surely get some to use as drinking cups and some to use as measuring cups.
Interpretation: In a cluster of coconuts there are bound to be some better than others - usually used in reference to children.

  Like a bumble bee and a flower.
  Like a crocodile that does not know his home (is a swamp).
reference to someone who forgets their roots
  Like throwing rice husk against the wind.  or (like throwing sand against the wind).
reference to doing something stupid or useless; similar to "Like water on a duck's back"

  Like a curled up dog's tail, even though bent in an attempt to straighten it, it will not be straight.

  Like catching a crab and trying to keep it in a flat basket. 

  Like catching a monkey and trying to ordain it a monk.

  Like pulling the bamboo the wrong way.
similar to "like pulling teeth"


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