Cambodian Wedding Ceremonies

Cambodian weddings are long and intricate affairs that consist of  multiple ceremonies and songs. Below are examples of programs used at two different Khmer weddings to help explain to guests some of the customs and meanings behind the various activities and performances that take place. Although regional and personal differences in wedding rituals do exist, both these programs detail the key elements of traditional Khmer weddings.


bride and groom being blessed by devada (angels)
during the "hair cutting" or "cleansing" ceremony


Note: Wedding Program A tends to translate ceremony titles more literally, whereas Wedding Program B tries to capture the essence of the meaning in the translation. For example, in Program A, Gaat Sah is directly translated as the "Hair Cutting Ceremony" because Gaat Sah literally means "haircut"; in Program B it is called the "Cleansing Ceremony" to denote the meaning behind the activity.

Wedding Program A

Wedding Program B


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