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The mission statement below expresses the sentiment that
originally motivated the founding of the Khmer Institute.
The Khmer Institute has been set up to be an "inclusive" institute to promote, among other things, the study of Cambodian-related issues. The word "inclusive" is used here to denote the goal of including Cambodian voices and viewpoints in discussions about Cambodian history, society, and culture and, by extension, Cambodia's future. Up until now however, the viewpoints of Khmers have often been missing in the realm of discussion in both academia and the media. We want to change this tide and afford Cambodians the opportunity to contribute to the rich fabric of discussion concerning our past and future.

The Khmer Institute offers Cambodians an opportunity to move from merely being an object of study to an active, vocal, articulate participant. While recognizing the importance of the "outsider's perspective" and most definitely encouraging the submission and publication of materials by non-Cambodians, the goal of this website is to facilitate the submission and publication of materials written from the perspective of the "insider." Our forum is designed to enable the viewpoints of students, scholars and intellectuals of Khmer descent to be presented in a forum dedicated to the intellectual discussion of Khmer-related issues. Our goal is not to limit materials published to those written by individuals of Khmer descent, but rather to hopefully expand the discussion of Cambodian issues to include the voice of Cambodians themselves.

We believe that materials written from a Khmer perspective will contain unique elements of a Cambodian point-of-view as to make this website a valuable resource for any individuals or organizations interested in learning more about Cambodia and Cambodians.

The objectives of the Khmer Institute are:

(a) to inform and educate the public on issues relating to the Khmer people;

(b) to become a resource center for materials pertaining to the Khmer people; and

(c) to promote development and respect for human rights in communities where Khmers reside.

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