constructed during the reign of Jayavarman VII (1181-1220)

Angkor is the ancient capital of the great Khmer/Angkor Empire (802AD - 1431AD). At the turn of the 1st millennium, Angkor was the fourth largest city in the world with an estimated population of 200,000 (behind only Cordova, Spain; Kaifeng, China; and Constantinople, Byzantine Empire). At its height, the Angkorian court ruled over much of mainland Southeast Asia, including parts of present-day Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Below are images of the gates that travelers for centuries passed under to enter the "Great City" (angkor = city; thom = large, great). These gates and the 8 m x 12 km of walls surrounding Angkor were commissioned by the greatest of all Khmer monarchs, King Jayavarman VII.

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