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A History of Cambodia
David P. Chandler (1996)
- very brief but good overview of several thousand years of Khmer history

The Tragedy of Cambodian History : Politics, War, and Revolution Since 1945
David P. Chandler (1993)
- account of contemporary Cambodian history focusing on historic figures and their actions up to 1975; policy descriptions and personal testimonies used to examine post-1975 Cambodia


Kampuchea Between China and Vietnam
Pao-Min Chang (1986)
- thorough analysis of regional dynamics focusing primarily on Chinese and Viet relations vis-a-vis each other and Cambodia from the late 60s to early 80s

Khmer-Viet Relations and the Third Indochina Conflict
Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo (1992)
- revealing, detailed discussion of the historic relationship between Cambodia and Vietnam

Sideshow : Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia
William Shawcross (1987)
- excellent documentation of personnel and events that lead to the rise of the KR and destruction of Cambodia during the late 60s and early to mid-70s

Western Responses to Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia, 1975-80
Jamie Frederic Metzl (1996)
- discussion of responses by the western press, govts, and int'l organizations to events in Cambodia under the KR regime, detailing issues of credibility and how liberals and conservatives clashed on whether or not to believe "the worst"

Why Vietnam Invaded Cambodia : Political Culture and the Causes of War
Stephen J. Morris (1999)
- study of both domestic rational behind and international dynamics leading to Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia


Brother Enemy : The War After the War
Nayan Chanda (1986)

Brother Number One : A Political Biography of Pol Pot
David P. Chandler (1999)

Cambodia : Report from a Stricken Land
Henry Kamm (1999)

Cambodia : A Shattered Society
Marie Alexandrine Martin, Mark W. McLeod (Translator) (1994)

Cambodia 1975-1978 : Rendezvous With Death
Karl D. Jackson(Editor) (1992)

The Cambodian Agony
David A. Ablin(Editor), Marlowe Hood (Editor) (1990)

When the War Was over : Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution
Elizabeth Becker (1998)


A Cambodian Odyssey
Haing Ngor, et al (1991)

Music Through the Dark
Bree Lafreniere, Daran Kravanh (2000)

When Broken Glass Floasts
Chanrithy Him (2000)

Beyond the Killing Fields : Voices of Nine Cambodian Survivors in America
Usha Welaratna (1994)


Lost Crusade : America's Secret Cambodian Mercenaries
Peter Scott (1998)

Road to the Killing Fields : The Cambodian War of 1970-1975
Wilfred P. Deac, Harry G. Summers (1997)


Cambodia at War
Dinah Pokempner(Editor), et al (1995)
- examination of human right abuses by both KR and govt forces in the mid 90s and the role of foreign support for each side

Cambodia and the International Community: The Quest for Peace, Development, and Democracy
Frederick Brown(Editor), David G. Timberman (1998)
- collection of 8 essays that provide a good overview of conditions in Cambodia during the late 90s; also identifies future prospects and challenges for the country

The Quality of Mercy : Cambodia, Holocaust and Modern Conscience
William Shawcross (1984)
- Cambodia as a case study of humanitarian efforts, exploring the roles and rivalry of different int'l relief agencies, the political context in which they work, and govts they had to work with and around


The Customs of Cambodia
Ta-kuan Chou
- description of the Angkor Empire by 13th century Chinese explorer

Travels in Siam, Cambodia, and Laos, 1858-1860
Henri Mouhot
- account of 19th century Southeast Asia by French explorer

Cambodia : Year Zero
Francois Ponchaud
- 1st report of KR atrocities generally believed by int'l public (printed in French 1977, English 1978)

Murder of a Gentle Land : The Untold Story of a Communist Genocide in Cambodia
John Barron
- 1st report of atrocities in Cambodia given wide publicity in America (printed by Reader's Digest 1977)


Angkor : Heart of an Asian Empire
Bruno Dagens, Ruth Sharman (Translator) (1995)
- concise but thorough introduction to the ancient city of Angkor and historic archeological expeditions to the temples

Khmer : The Lost Empire of Cambodia
Theirry Zephir (1998)
- colorful little book that gives a nice overview of the Angkorian Empire

Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia: Millennium of Glory
Helen Ibbitson Jessup(Editor), et al (1997)
- coffee table book with quality photographs of Khmer sculptures

The Elephant Walk Cookbook
Longteine De Monteiro, et al (1998)
- recipes for Cambodian cuisine from the nationally acclaimed restaurant

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