Chakriya Phal and Hun Ly
Asian American Studies 199

Cambodian American Views on Family and Gender Issues

This survey was undertaken Spring 2001 by two UCLA students, Chakriya Phal and Hun Ly, in partial fulfillment of Asian American Studies 199. The original purpose of the survey was to get a better understanding of how Cambodian American women between the ages of 18 and 30 view certain gender issues. At Chakriya and Hunís suggestion, Cambodian American men were surveyed as well. As it turns out, the juxtaposition of female and male responses to these questions has proven to be perhaps the most interesting of the findings. Being themselves young Cambodian American women, Chakriya and Hun were given wide latitude in designing questions to issues they felt were important to Cambodian American women of their generation. In the course of analyzing the results of the survey, I point out errors made in its scripting so that the answers given may be interpreted as accurately as possible. As I supervised the survey preparation, these mistakes are as much mine as they are the survey's authors. - Sody Lay



A total of twenty-one women and eleven men 35 years of age or younger participated in the survey. Most were between the ages of 18-21 (85.7% of the women and 54.5% of the men) and attending or have finished college. Almost all designated education as very important to them (on a 10-point scale, the lowest number selected was 7), and many expressed a desire to pursue graduate-level education.  See the demographics table for more details on characteristics of respondents.



  1. Gender Roles
  2. Premarital Sex
  3. Interracial Marriage
  4. Arranged Marriage
  5. Behavior and Values


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